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Universal Series for VISA O-A

In accordance with the Cabinet Resolution, dated 2 April B.E. 2562 (2019), starting from 31st October 2019, foreigners who wish to apply for Non-Immigrant Visa "O-A"  (1  Year Visa) are required to submit the proof of health insurance that covers the whole duration of stay in Thailand. Individual Health Insurance for a Long Stay Visa provided by the LMG Insurance (Public) Company Limited. 

  • The health insurance policy provided coverage start with THB 400,000 per policy per  year for  Inpatient and THB 40,000 per policy per year for Outpatient.
  • You will receive an insurance certificate as the key evidence for Visa application after you complete the purchase of your health insurance
  • Your data will be automatically upload to the TGIA's portal database and immigration authorities  to allow them to validate the policy is in force.                        
  • Customary and reasonable medical charges will be eligibility after full deductible limit on your selected plan
  • Entry age up to 75 years old and Renewability to age 100 years.
  • Deductible starts from 100,000 THB*
    DEDUCTIBLE refers to the first fixed amount of eligible medical expenses per visit or per disability for which the covered person is responsible for paying as stated in the policy schedule. 

* For more information please download and read terms and conditions carefully 

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Health Insurance

Up to 75 years old
Renewability to age 100 years
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starts from 100,000 THB
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